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At The LifeCentre, all of our partner practices are dedicated to putting the well-being of your pet first. We work with you, your family veterinarian, and even our partner practices to provide the best treatment and care available.

Please browse and read some thoughts and kind words from caring pet owners just like you.

Never Seen Such a Group of Caring & Dedicated Staff

Our dear girl, Remy, was hit by a car in Frederick, MD and due to her condition we were told that Leesburg TLC The LifeCentre would be the place to bring her. She needed to be seen by several different teams of doctors, which included the Emergency and Critical Care doctors, the Eye Care doctors and the Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery doctors to get her back to a healthy and healing condition. In the accident, she fractured her jaw, and Dr. Stiles and the entire team from the Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery area were top notch, as well as being so compassionate to her family while explaining what needed to be done.

Everyone there treated our Remy with so much love, you would have thought she was their personal dog! We have never seen such a group of caring and dedicated staff. It has not even been a month, but our sweet girl is back to herself based on the care and medical attention she was given at TLC after her traumatic episode. We are truly lucked and blessed.

Thank you for all the amazing work you do each and every day. We are forever grateful to all of you,

Love, Remy's Family

Seen at Animal Emergency Critical Care, Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery & Ophthalmology

I Cannot Say How Grateful I Am

Drs. Cook and Peckens,

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for taking such good care of Cheyenne. Dr. Cook, your initial suspicion of a foreign body was indeed correct- it wasn't even very large and caused all that trouble for Ms. Cheyenne! Dr. Peckens, thank you for all of your efforts in taking care of Cheyenne and for your professionalism even when I was considering taking Cheyenne home when it wasn't in her best interest. Because of both of you, a wonderful staff, and your wise choice of a treatment plan, Cheyenne is on the mend and corncob-free! I cannot say how grateful I am for you and the staff at TLC! THANK YOU!

Best Regards,
Deanna, Paul and Cheyenne

Seen at Animal Emergency Critical Care

Your Team is Really Amazing

Dear Doctors Bush and Young, and Christine,

Your team is really amazing- we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for the excellent care, thoroughness, compassion, and honesty you delivered to Lucky and us on Tuesday. It was an exhausting day for everyone but your group was so professional and kind that we felt such great relief driving home with Lucky-boy having some answers and a plan. Lucky is comfortable with his pain meds, our family will be together over the weekend and we will enjoy our time together

With our appreciation,
The Shreve family

Seen at Bush Veterinary Neurology Service

Thanks so Much

Dear Doctors and Staff,

Thanks so much for saving Mocca's life! We are so grateful! Special thanks to Dr. Nicholson and Dr. Loveland for a successful surgery, and to Dr. Barnes for her wonderful post-op care. Thanks also to your support staff who took great care of Mocca during his recovery.

With our gratitude,
Howard, Susan & "Mocca"

Seen at Animal Emergency Critical Care

Zachary Enjoys Visiting his Friends at TLC


Zachary came to Dr. Manley in Oncology after having extensive surgery. He had a tumor the size of a volleyball removed from his chest by Dr. Prink but luckily survived surgery. Since the tumor showed evidence of spreading in the lungs, we were advised to begin chemo treatment. Now that we are done with 3 cycles of treatment we are to begin chemo in pill form. We hope that Zachary will stay cancer free.

Everyone from Emergency to Surgery and now to Oncology have been wonderful to both Zachary and our family through this scary process of recovery. Zachary always enjoys coming to his next appointment to spend time with his new friends in the Oncology Dept.

Peggy Purcell

Seen at The Oncology Center

Golden Retriever has Speedy Recovery


In August of 2011, we took our golden retriever, Isis, to this vet dentist to have a malignant tumor (about ½ inch in diameter) removed from her upper left gum area in her mouth. She had to have 4 teeth extracted and a good part of her hard palate taken out. We were so pleasantly surprised when she only needed to spend one night there, and began eating as soon as she got home...soft food for 1 week, then normal hard kibble. We couldn't believe she recovered so fast! The tumor has not grown back in nearly a year, so we know Dr. Chamberlain got all the cancer out. We thank him and his staff there at the Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery for their fine care of our Isis, and also for their attentive and caring follow up.

Jane and Tom DeBenedetto

Seen at Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery

The LifeCentre is a Haven for Animals & Their Owners


Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery (at The Life Centre) was recommended to me by a number of friends and by my veterinarian as a wonderful facility for the specialized treatment of animals. And it is a remarkable facility! From the moment I walked in, the caring staff welcomed me (and my pet) by name; their calm, professional manner put me at ease. Each time I have been there, Dr. Chamberlain has spent much time explaining the diagnosis and treatment, using visual aids to help me understand my cat‘s health issues. Each of my questions is answered thoughtfully and respectfully. The AD&OS technicians and office staff are very loving and are excellent communicators as well; they sense the pet owner‘s needs and worries and provide comfort and communication throughout the procedures. Both Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery and The Life Centre are a haven for animals and their owners; it is staffed by dedicated professionals that display much expertise and true passion and love for the animals and families they serve.

Jo Comet

Seen at Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Rescue Pup Gets a New Lease on Life

After 25 years of working with English Cocker Rescue, I am rarely surprised by any phone calls I get. I was taken aback however, in February 2008 when a woman called begging me to come get her 6 month old puppy ASAP. After finding out who the breeder was and discussing the situation with her, I agreed to get the puppy and bring him back to his breeder. She thought she had a home for him. She also told me he had a cleft palate.

When I rang the doorbell at the puppy's home, I was greeted by 6 children, a Bouvier and an extremely timid dark blue roan puppy with the most beautiful face, who was staring me dead in the eye. He sat there perfectly still and would not budge.

It was over an hour's ride to the breeder. I was not looking for another dog at the time, and was certainly not thinking about a PUPPY! But there was just something about the way we locked eyes, and he seemed to be speaking to my heart in a way I had never experienced before. I couldn't stop thinking about him in the days after he was returned to his breeder.

After some soul searching, negotiations with my husband and research on canine cleft palate, the timid puppy joined our household. I decided to name him Split so he could own the uniqueness of his cleft palate. Our next stop was an appointment with Dr. Chamberlain at the Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery department of The LifeCentre in Leesburg, Va. I was immediately struck by how kind everyone was. Both Split and I were treated with such compassion. I gained a great deal of knowledge from Dr. Chamberlain that day. We decided on surgery, to be followed up with the insertion of a feeding tube.

April 21, 2009 was surgery day! Mom was nervous; Split couldn't figure out why I forgot to feed him his breakfast! Everything went fine. After a two-day stay in the Critical Care unit, Split came home. The tube feeding went fine. At our one-week check up, Dr. Chamberlain exclaimed, "I'm thrilled!" after looking in Split's mouth. How could I ask for better? We love all the staff in Dr. Chamberlain's office, and couldn't be more grateful for all their wonderful care. Split loves Dr. Chamberlain, Jenn and Michele (and so does his Mom!). Heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Critical Care folks too!

We think Split is just perfect and can't wait to get him started on his career as a Rally-O star. He's also showing promise in Agility. Fun days are ahead thanks to everyone at The LifeCentre.

Anna Bowman
Seen at Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery & Animal Emergency Critical Care

Cancer Survivor Becomes Inspiration


Sully is a sweet, personality-filled 8 year old Golden Doodle that is an inspiration to both human and canine friends alike. Prior to being diagnosed with cancer Sully was a certified therapy dog, as well as a skilled rally obedience and agility dog.

Sully was referred to The Oncology Service in November of 2009 for a Stage 5a, T-cell Lymphosarcoma diagnosis. His mass was so large and his symptoms so progressive, it was unsure if Sully would survive another week. After Sully’s oncology consultation, his owner Ann decided to pursue chemotherapy treatment.

Two and a half months into Sully’s six month chemotherapy protocol, his mass was no longer visible on x-ray, and the fluid in his chest and surrounding his heart was gone. In May of 2010, Sully completed his chemotherapy protocol with The Oncology Service.

Sully qualified for UKC Allstars in Agility in 2009 before he was diagnosed.  Every year,  UKC invites the top 50 dogs in each level of UKC Agility to compete at the National competition the following summer.  Sully was well enough to participate in July 2010.  After getting clearance from his Oncologist, he made the trip to Richmond, Indiana for the competition.  After nine months off from agility, and five months of chemotherapy, Sully came in third place!  Sully is back at work as a Therapy Dog in the Radiation/Oncology center at a local hospital and continues to be an inspiration to everyone there.

Sully now maintains a recheck schedule between The Oncology Service, his primary veterinarian and his holistic veterinarian to ensure that he is still doing well. He’s a happy boy that everyone in the hospital (not just Oncology) is always thrilled to see! Sully is truly an inspiration to us all.

Seen at The Oncology Service

Retired Greyhound Loses Leg but not Will to Live


Tinkerbelle is a 12 year old retired Greyhound racer girl. She has always been determined, sassy, muscular and strong. She is a large female Greyhound pushing 80 pounds with a shiny black coat, white chest and 4 white paws. She was adopted from a racetrack in Connecticut when she was only 26 months old due to a toe injury. She was never sick in her life until one day in March this year, she lifted her rear right leg with an expression of pain in her face. Thinking that she may have "taken a wrong step", she was rested for the day and given a very low dosage of Tramadol. The following morning, she was back to herself, sprinting at top speeds in her yard. One week later, she showed the same sign, except the expression in her face was more concerning. She was rushed to Leesburg emergency where x-rays revealed a small 1 cm area of concern in her femur that looked like osteosarcoma. Tink was given pain medication and was her usual self. Her family faced a huge decision to manage the pain until no longer manageable or take aggressive steps to amputate the leg and follow up with chemo. Tinkerbelle was already 11 1/2 but still very strong. After consultation with surgery, oncology, and our holistic primary veterinarian, plus much soul searching, we decided to fight the cancer. It was one of the most difficult decisions a human has to make and it was even harder because all the medications were making her feel and act normal. Knowing that if we wait, we will just give the cancer more time to metastasize, so we needed to act fast or not at all. So, only 10 days after the diagnosis, Tinkerbelle went into surgery and Dr. Lazar used his excellent surgical skills to get Tink through the surgery. She stayed in the hospital for 3 days with excellent medical and personal care from the surgical staff. In addition, Dr. Lazar worked in conjunction with Dr. Couto's Greyhound protocol (Greyhound Wellness Clinic at the University of Ohio). This is important as Greyhounds tend of react to surgery differently from other canines due to the body muscle structure and different blood values.

Tinkerbelle came home and the first 2 weeks were not easy on her or her family. She was restless and unable to figure out how to walk on 3 legs. She did not eat, sleep or walk. It was a terrible time and her family regretted the decision. Then at about 2 weeks after surgery, it was like a "on bottom" was pushed and Tinkerbelle started to eat, tried to balance herself and started to get a good night sleep. Every day, she got stronger and happier.

At that time, Tinkerbelle started her oncology treatments with Dr. Manley. Tink received 7 treatments of Carboplatin every 3 weeks, regular blood work checks and chest x-rays. Once she completed all her chemo treatments, Tinkerbelle became even stronger. Tink remains under the excellent care of Dr. Manley for the rest of her life.

We wanted to write this story about a magnificent Greyhound girl who did not give up at her old age. She is an inspiration for all older hounds with osteosarcoma. She just celebrated her 12th birthday, 7 months cancer free and sprinting in the surf at the beach. She also entered a fun race at the Greyhound Adoption Group picnic and her speed was clocked at 13 miles an hour. You can witness this remarkable recovery and her spirit in the pictures attached.

Gaby and Tinkerbelle Kamelak

Seen at The Oncology Service

About six years ago, my wife and I left our two Labrador retrievers, Gus and Hank, with a boarding kennel in Purcellville and went out on a week's vacation. When we returned, Hank was fine, but Gus - twelve years old at the time - had been allowed to go without food or drink for about four days. He was listless and could hardly walk. We were outraged, but took him home because we thought we could get him to eat and drink. We couldn't.

After trying for about an hour, we rushed him to The Life Center. Your team was terrific. They put him on intravenous hydration and feeding, and by the next day he was back to his old self. I'm sure that without their intervention, a very important part of our family would have died. Gus lived another 18 months.

We are very grateful for your team's efforts and make it a practice to tell our friends about them.

Jed Babbin, Leesburg, Virginia