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I feel that T.O.S. does an outstanding job in light of terminal cases that they frequently are dealing [with]. My clients are generally pleased with the care and the compassion T.O.S. shows in those times are outstanding. Dr. Marley is usually readily available. Client service staff have always been kind and courteous and willing to help. Thanks for being available for my patients.

Christopher G. Hussion, DVM

Patients referred to The Oncology Service

I have a small feline exclusive house call practice in Northern VA. My practice emphasis is on holistic care. If any of my patients, or my own cats, need any dental care, they are referred exclusively to Dr. Chamberlain and Dr. Stiles for two reasons: I know that the services provided will be the highest "standard of care", and that any challenge my patients' mouths present will be handled with the expertise of a board certified specialist in dentistry.

Unfortunately, tooth resorptive disease and oral inflammatory disease are rampant in the cat population, and with even my best efforts I cannot "cure" many patients with these conditions. When I recommend what I think might simply be a routine dental prophylaxis (cleaning and polishing) I warn my clients that there might be much more going on inside a cat's mouth than meets the eye on even a careful and thorough physical exam, and that extractions are often needed. Every cat getting dental care needs general anesthesia carefully administered and monitored. Every cat needs full mouth dental radiographs, needs those radiographs interpreted correctly and if extractions are required, needs appropriate multi-modal pain prevention and treatment which must include LOCAL pain blocks as well as general anesthesia and follow up analgesia. Every extraction should be done surgically, removing all root fragments and every extraction site should be sutured closed. Every cat needs to be kept warm and dry while under anesthesia, and have anesthetic time be used efficiently.

The bottom line is that I KNOW and TRUST that all these things are being done correctly and thoughtfully at Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery and I see it in how my own cats recover from even multiple major extractions. My clients are always impressed with now nicely they are treated, how gently their cats are handled, and how well their cats do, no matter how challenging the oral disease, even in senior cats or cats with other chronic conditions.

When I graduated from veterinary school in 1988, feline dentistry was relatively new. I am so thankful that huge strides have been made in the field and that we can help so many cats live happier, healthier, and more comfortable lives by treating their dental issues. It will be terrific if we ever figure out what is causing so many cats to have resorptive and inflammatory oral disease and could effectively prevent these painful conditions 100% of the time. For now, cat lovers need skilled veterinary dental specialists like Dr. Chamberlain and Stiles to properly evaluate and treat these cats by extracting diseased teeth and offering the most up to date advice on managing their oral conditions. Cat dentistry is never "routine" in my book, that is why I prefer to have every case handled by an expert.

Andrea Tasi, VMD
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