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Bush Advanced Veterinary Imaging

CT and MRI machine for pets

MRI/CT Advanced Imaging

Bush Advanced Veterinary Imaging

Bush Advanced Veterinary Imaging provides onsite advanced imaging technology at veterinary referral centers throughout Virginia, We are dedicated to ensuring that the many benefits of advanced imaging are easily accessible to referred clients and their pets. 

Since 2004, Bush Advanced Veterinary Imaging has provided onsite MRI and onsite CT at locations throughout Northern Virginia and has recently expanded to also include locations in Central Virginia. At each location, we provide onsite Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) putting the gold standard for diagnostic imaging within easy reach of pet owners and veterinarians throughout the area.

By offering onsite veterinary MRIs and CTs, we provide access to safe and accurate diagnostic imaging that improves the care your patients receive and allow treatment to begin more rapidly. These services provide a non-invasive and accurate diagnostic tool that helps localize problems to a body system or body part aiding in the ability to diagnose, treat and evaluate ongoing treatment. 

Expert Staff

Our onsite veterinarians and veterinary technicians, along with our consulting veterinary Radiologists, are specifically trained in the application of MRI and CT in veterinary medicine.

Rapid Results

Our convenient location and hours of operation allow us to image pets quickly. Results are sent directly to the referring veterinarian within 24-48 hours of the study. Stat reads are also available.

Cutting-edge Technology

We use a high-field magnet that is dedicated specifically for veterinary use. This enables us to provide you with high-quality diagnostic images in a timely manner.

Dependable Results/Quality Images

Our team continues to develop imaging protocols and technologies specifically for veterinary use. These efforts enable us to provide veterinarians with precise and reliable insight into the nature of patient’s symptoms.

Consider Advanced Imaging

  • Other tests have failed to provide a diagnosis.
  • A non-invasive approach is recommended.
  • A more accurate diagnosis is required to treat a patient

Specific Uses For MRI And CT Are As Follows:

MRI provides exceptional soft tissue detail, making it extremely useful in imaging the nervous system, joints, cardiovascular structures and the abdominal organs. CT provides exceptional detail of the skeletal system, thoracic cavity and urinary system.

Examples include:

  • Seizure patients
  • Ataxia
  • Patients with vestibular symptoms
  • Paresis
  • Neck or back pain
  • Lameness
  • Abnormal nasal drainage or swelling
  • Complex fractures
  • Thoracic imaging
  • Abdominal imaging
  • Defining tumor characteristics and boundaries

We Make It Easy

The comfort and safety of our clients and patients are of the utmost importance to us, just as it is to every veterinarian. This is why we take every possible step to ensure the safety of every patient and the comfort of your clients.

To ensure patient safety, every patient is given a full physical exam and recent blood work is also reviewed in preparation for the administration of anesthesia. While your clients wait, we perform all diagnostic imaging providing frequent updates to your clients and providing you with the results and report by a board-certified Veterinary Radiologist within 24-48 hours. Our team is also available for consultation prior to and after imaging to ensure the proper tests are performed and to aide in the application of the results to treatment of the patient’s symptoms.

In addition to referral to our service through other specialists, you can also refer your patients and clients to us directly. Please call us for more information. 

Meet our Doctor

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